Monday, August 17, 2009

Camping in Arcadia, FL (part 1)

This post isn't strictly food related, but it does contain some food-related elements. Tommy and I went camping at the Peace River Campgrounds near Arcadia, Fla., for the weekend and came back with great memories, full bellies and beer-induced hangovers. Our friends Bruce and Jayne were nice enough to let us stay in their trailer so we camped, but with A/C and some gourmet camping food! (I'll post the recipes asap!)Although it wasn't the quickest or shortest way, we decided to hop off I-75 and take US 80 to North US 31. As soon as we exited the Interstate the roadside eateries went from mainstream fastfood chains to... more interesting ones, like Charley Biggs' chicken and sauce. Unfortunately we had eaten lunch before leaving town, so we couldn't try any of Charley's chicken.
US 31 isn't the most trafficked road, as you can tell. And -as you also can tell- the weather can change pretty quickly in Florida in August.
Welcome to Arcadia. We havn't sold any hot jumbo boiled peanuts in a while, probably since Hurricane Charley.See? There was some food involved. As soon as we arrived at Bruce and Jayne's trailer I made some bruschettas to snack on. We grilled the bread on the portable gas grill and they turned out perfect.

This is Peace River. It was late in the afternoon and the weather was turning a little ugly, as it often happens in the summer in Florida. Unfortunately as soon as we got there it started raining, so we headed back to the trail to drink beer and cook dinner!

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  1. It sounds like a fun camping can't go wrong camping w/ A/C! And your bruschetta looks delish!



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