Monday, November 21, 2011

Things I loved about Prague

Back from 48 hours in Prague, Czech Republic. The place is absolutely fantastic, so great I wish I could have stayed there at least twice as long. To see the whole photo album, here's a link you can use even if you are not on Facebook.
Prague ham... at all times of the day, even for breakfast. Alwaya accompained by creamed horseradish and a Pilsner Urquell beer. The smokiness of the ham goes together well with the smooth, bold pils. A breakfast (or lunch, or snack) made in heaven.

Gorgeous, colorful houses in Mala Strana and Stare Mesto, the two oldest neighborhoods in town. One on each side of the river Moldava, they are so pictoresque they almost look fake. The best thing about them is they are 100% real.

Old Town Square and its Astronomical Clock looking dramatically beautiful. The square has been the heart of Prague since the 10th century.

Amazing doors and doorknobs that lead into even more amazing churches and sinagogues.

A Middle Ages themed tavern, where the waiter slams a tray full of grilled meat in front of you and says "Eat with your hands!"... what's not to love about that?

Art Deco everywhere. I swear, you cannot turn your head without bumping into some of it.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Everything has such character to it. I'm cracking up over the eat with your hands!

  2. Thanks Reeni... I cracked up too when he said so. It was hilarious, especially because at the table next to mine there was this couple of snobbish people who were horrified!

  3. You have to share the address of that tavern! What a lovely place to visit, and yes, wish you could've stayed longer but now I go to check out the photo album. Where's the next destination? Now you've really got me bitten by the travel bug.

  4. Hey Rowena, here's the address:
    Tavern U krále Brabantského
    Thunovská 15
    110 00 PRAHA 1 - Malá Strana

    Next destination is Zurich on Friday... much closer, but am really looking forward to Christmas and vintage markets!



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