Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The travel bug

...I admit it. I'm sick. The travel bug is back, stronger and meaner than ever. This time it looks like it's going to take over my body, my mind, my whole life worse than the other times before.

It got into me a little bit last year, but the problem was I had no freaking money to travel with, so I couldn't do too much about it. Then I got a job and, almost instantly, I started itching for some more travel. New destinations. New adventures. Even if just for a weekend.

Then this morning, while I was looking for a my scarf, I came across a travel wishlist I had scribbled when I first moved to Switzerland, a year and a half ago. I have it here, on my desk. And it makes me smile, because it's awesome. But it also makes me want to pick up my crap and just go.

Seriously, every time I walk by the Lugano train station I feel this urge to jump on a random train and go wherever. But since working is a necessary condition to have money for traveling, I won't do it. What I will do is make sure I go to each and every place on my list as soon as possible.


Lisbon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain  (July 2010)
Barcelona, Spain  (August and October 2010)
Bilbao and San Sebastian, Spain
Stockholm, Sweden  (February 2011)
Dublin, Ireland
Oslo, Norway
Tallin, Estonia
Bruxelles, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic (going next weekend!)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Krakov, Poland
Berlin, Germany  (October 2011)
Reykjavík, Iceland
Sicily, Italy
Belgrade, Serbia
Greek Islands  (July 2011)
Istanbul, Turkey
Zurich, Switzerland


  1. Train stations do that. I cannot walk past one without thinking of the possibilities...

  2. What an amazing list! Portugal and Croatia are at the top of my list too. And you will love Prague, not to mention Tallinn, Ljubljana and Bruges, to mention a few. Isn't it great to have the travel bug?

  3. Why not, right? If you can travel, I say do it! ;)

  4. You made a small dent in your list! I love it when you blog about your trips! My list is made up of every state in the US - I hope I can take a leisurely trip around the country someday.

  5. Claudia: glad I'm not the only crazy one ;-)

    Beth: I'll try and visit most of them by the end of 2012... we'll see what I can do!

    Faith, you are absolutely right!

    Reeni, I had the same idea back when I lived in the US... now it would be a little too expensive for me, so I had tor evert to my original European list ;-)

  6. Thank god for Easyjet and Ryanair!

  7. Exactly! Especially Easyjet. I don't like Ryanair too much...

  8. Why Amsterdam.....Nothing happens in Amsterdam....You must travel to Rotterdam.....Great architecture , great food...nice people....

  9. I'd love to see both... when I go to Amsterdam I'll definitely go to Rotterdam too!



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